Lane Davies

Lane Davies sings All I Need (1)

Tous à la Une | 1990 | TF1.

Lane Davies

"Сегодня вечером" с Андреем Малаховым, Лэйн Дэвис интервью 2015 года, фрагмент интервью 1984 года.

Mason Capwell - Lane Davies

Mason's character created empathy. His was kind of an East of Eden/Cain and Abel story. Jealous of a dead brother, but even before his brother was killed, ...

"Impure Thoughts" (1985) - Lane Davies and Brad Dourif

Four former classmates reunite in Purgatory as adults to dish on their Catholic upbringing. Discussed here are Catholics as a persecuted minority group, plus the ...

Lane Davies - The New Ridge Forrester 1992

Clip from the soap opera 'The Bold and the Beautiful'. In 1992 after Ridge and Taylor's wedding, Ronn Moss was temporarily replaced by Lane Davies as Moss ...

Лэйну Девису с любовью / For Lane Davies, with love

Клип сделан на песню Далиды (Dalida) «Monsieur l'amour». Посвящается он любимому актеру - Лэйну Девису (Lane Davies), сыгравше...

Julia and Mason-All I Need

Julia Wainwright and Mason Capwell, the song All I Need performed by Lane Davies.

Лэйн Дэвис (Lane Davies)

Лэйн Дэвис ( англ. Lane Davies , род. 31 июля 1950 ) — американский актер и режиссёр, работающий в театре, кино и...

Lane Davies sings All I Need (2)

La Classe | 1990 | FR3.

The Crew (TV Series) S01E13 The Worst Noel

The crew form a Christmas choir, but no one has the nerve to tell Jess she's a bad singer; Rex reluctantly plays Santa Claus; Lenora's sister Loretta arrives with ...

Lane Davies in "Funland" (1987) - "I want to play Hamlet, damn it! Not a hamburger!"

In this dark comedy take on McDonald's and Six Flags, Shakespearean actor Chad Peller (played by real life Shakespearean actor Lane Davies) laments having ...


Lane Davies guest starring in an episode of the US comedy show "Nurses". He plays Abe Kaplan, brother of Dr Hank Kaplan. Title of the episode was "Seize the ...

Mason & Mary - Opposites Attract - SB - Lane Davies

One of the top love couples on Santa Barbara. Too bad it ended very unhappily.

The Bays Lane Davies thanks JK Honeyman Associates

Thank you video for Free Assisted Living and Board&Care Housing options from Lane Davies for ...

Lane Davies in "Funland" (1987) - "Now is the winter of our discontent..."

In this dark comedy take on McDonald's and Six Flags, Shakespearean actor Chad Peller (played by real life Shakespearean actor Lane Davies) is not amused ...

lane davies ( alias mason capwell santa barbara) all i need

tout est dit dans le titre.

Tennessee Shakespeare Fest: Lane Davies, Part 1

Actor Lane Davies, who portrayed the original Mason Capwell on the '80s daytime soap "Santa Barbara," as well as a wealth of other TV roles over the years, ...

Poor Substitute - Mason & Kelly Capwell - Robin Wright - Lane Davies

These two were good together. Too bad she went on to greater fame in the movies. Or perhaps too bad he didn't. They both ended up leaving the show ...

The Suicide's Wife (1979) - Angie Dickinson & Lane Davies

Angie Dickinson is left to deal with the aftermath of her husband's suicide in this 1979 TV movie. Here she seeks answers from one of her husband's students ...

Brandon Call - Brandon Capwell / Lane Davies

Mason and Gina had a love/hate affair that unfortunately dragged little Brandon right into the middle of their squabbling. The poor kid was initially thought to be ...

Lane Davies - Mason Всё, что мне нужно.

Всё, что мне нужно. Сколько времени я провел, сидя и глядя в окно. Столько ночей в одиночестве ждал кого-то...

SB - Mason - Lane Davies - It Feels So Good

The video 'It Feels So Good to Be Bad' is Olga's contribution to the October fan challenge at the official fan site of Lane Davies, featuring Lane as Mason.

Lane Davies in St.Petersburg.1994 White Nights of St. Petersburg"

Lane Davies in Russia in St.Petersburg.1994 International Music Festival "White Nights of St. Petersburg"

Lane Davies & Linda Gibboney | Marrid with children

Lane Davies (Mason) & Linda Gibboney (Gina) on the sitcom 'Married with children'

interview Lane Davies 1990 (1)

Sacrée Soirée | 1990 | TF1.